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Our Recipes

Quinoa Salad

Boil the quinoa at the desired time (about 9-10 ‘), drain and cool. Cook chicken salted with lime and thyme in vacuum at 64 degrees for 1 hour and forty minutes. For Oxymeel, heat cold honey, balsamic vinegar white, osteogenic anise, laurel, spice, a slice of orange, rosemary until it becomes soaked. Cut the cucumber, tomato and red pepper. Cut into the mandolin thin slices of avocado.

I. Multicolored Kinoa
II. Avocado
III. Cucumber
IV. Red pepper
V. Oximeel
VI. Chicken

VII. Tomato
VIII. Rocket
IX. Smoked paprika
X. Salt
XI. Lime
XII. Thyme

Rooster Venous

Prepare the chicken broth by dissolving it using water, coconut, broth (onion, carrot, celery) and burgundy garnish (pepper, laurel, thyme, leek) and garlic. Marinate the cock for 24 hours, covering the cock with all the spirits, throwing in half of myrrh, thyme, garlic, rosemary, spice and laurel. After 24 hours, we strain the cock, keeping the liquids, myrrh and spices. Salt the pepper and roast it and sauté on very strong fire. In another sauce, sauté the myrhea (and the other half), put the cock inside, turn off the marinade alcohol, add chicken broth and simmer until it is softened. Boil the noodles in salted water to the point that it is a few minutes before they are ready. Then add the liquids from the rooster and finally tie with butter and parmesan cheese.

I. Rooster
II. Mavrodaphne
III. Red dry wine
IV. Cognac
V. Thyme
VI. Garlic
VII. Rosemary
VIII. Mirepus (carrot, onion, celery)

IX. Bahar
X. Daphne
XI. Salt
XII. Pepper
XIII. Noodles
XIV. Butter
XV. Parmesan
XVI. Chicken broth
XVII. Olive oil

Pork fillet with potato jam and sage sauce

For the sage sauce, add the wine, sugar in a saucepan and boil until all of the ethanol evaporates. Add olive oil, spinach, and just before the glaze add the sun dried tomato. When butter is poured and oil is removed, egg. For tuna puree, simmer the potato in a saucepan until it is covered (3/4 milk, ¼ cream). Just soften the removal and harvest, adding the liquids you need, butter, saltpeter and nutmeg. We sauté in a furnace with a strong fire the fish-ferry that we have cleaned from fibers and cut a pendant and we reach the desired temperature (70 degrees) in the oven.

I. Pork sprouts
III. Milk
IV. Whipping cream
V. Nutmeg
VI. Salt and pepper
VII. Olive oil

VIII. Butter
IX. White dry wine
X. Dried split
XI. Dried tomato
XII. Laurel
XIII. Bahar
XIV. Sugar

Citrus Cream

Beat sugar with egg yolks with Fue. Heat the milk with 1 cinnamon stick and just warm it up in the mixture with the eggs and sugar slowly. Then heat it to a low temperature by adding corn flouer and stir continuously. When the cream is ready add the citrus puree. Put it in the desired utensil, burn a burnished surface of a brown crystallized sugar. Garnish a little bit of citrus puree.

I. 1lt of complete milk
II. 1 cinnamon stick
III. Crystal sugar 180gr.

IV. 100gr. Egg yolks
V. 50g. Corn flower
VI. 2 tbl. citrus puree
VII. Brown crystal sugar

Tartar Lavraki

We harvest the fish, remove bones, skin and rinse it very well. Dry and cut the brunoise fillet. In a bass, we place all the ingredients except red pepper and dried onion. Mix very well. For bergamot bergamot, we bind 3 times in 3 different bergamot waters, cool them. Then we pass it with an ointment from the blender until it balances the bitter bergamot with the sweetness of the ointment and comes to the desired texture. Finally, we pass it through a fine mesh.
Bake with the torch a thin slice of dried onion and place next to the mixture the red pepper grains.

I. Lavraki
II. Olive oil
III. Salt Pepper
IV. Vinegar bergamot
V. Chili pepper

VI. Covered leaves
VII. Fresh onion
VIII. Red pepper
IX. Lime
X. Oximeel