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520 History

History Of 520

It was the beggining of 2012 … a dream started becoming true and i had to surpass myself. The site had been found, but its identity had not yet been set, the socio-political conditions played a decisive role in it. Greece was being thrown from everywhere. The downhill had started, businesses were closing down and I was getting ready to go against the current of the season.

The Birth Of Our Name

A voice in me said that now was the time to support this country with all my might and i would have many allies in this fight. A struggle that set off the supermarket corridors as my starting point in my attempt to buy only Greek products in order to boost the domestic market. Unfortunately, however, until then, I did not know that there was a way to separate Greek products from the rest. But I learned that 520 was the first 3 barcode numbers that, to a large extent, revealed that Greece was the country of origin of a product. Now we have 521. Something that reveals that I finally had allies, since the more products a country produces, the more barcodes that country owns. So 520 is not just a name, it’s a philosophy, a way of life.

The Greek Challenge

Of course, with this choice, there were more problems: how could a cafe-bar be framed exclusively by Greek products? Is there a bar without whiskey? I had proven my point, since, as it turned out, even the most hesitant were convinced that Greece is not only the country of astronomy, philosophy and mathematics, but the country that produces everything imaginable. It is a producer of sun, sea, infinite islands, fruits and vegetables, as well as infinite distillates and wines. I did not have barley whiskey, but I had grape brandy. I did not have gin or tequila but I had mastic and aged tsipouro